TRIP Annual Report 1994

This directory contains The Rice Inversion Project Annual Report for 1994 in compressed postcript format. You can either download the entire report in a tar file or you can downlwoad an individual chapter by clicking on the chapter title in the table of contents below.

The 2.1meg tar file of the 1994 report is here.

To display any of the files you should:

  1. uncompress the file by using the command gunzip
  2. use ghostview to display and/or print


  1. The table of contents below is the complete table of contents of the paper report. The only difference here is that paper # 2 is not available in postcript and therefore is not included.
  2. Also, some of the articles had pictures not in postcript format. These (few) pictures are not included.
  3. At the end of the table of contents are three more papers that were completed after the 1994 report was published. The 360K tar file of these papers is here
  4. Problems and/or questions with this can be sent to
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    Phone # : (713) 527 4805 ext 3825
    Alain Sei
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  1. Foreword
  2. Preliminary Results of Viscoelastic Inversion on the Mobil Dataset
  3. Viscoelastic Modeling and Inversion of a Marine Data Set
  4. Geologic Constraints on Seismic Inversion
  5. Estimating the Energy Source and Reflectivity by Seismic Inversion
  6. Linearized Inversion for 2D Viscoacoustic Media
  7. Linear Inversion in Layered Viscoacoustic Media using a Time Domain Method
  8. Modeling of a Constant Q: Methodology and Algorithm for an Efficient and Optimally Inexpensive Viscoelastic Technique
  9. Kirchhoff Simulation, Migration, and Inversion using Finite Difference Traveltimes and Amplitudes
  10. Computing the Gradient of the Traveltime Error without Ray-tracing
  11. Error Analysis of Numerical Schemes for the Wave Equation in Heterogeneous Media
  12. Dispersion Analysis of Numerical Wave Propagation and its Computational Consequences
  13. Dispersion and Cost Analysis of some Finite Difference Schemes in One-Parameter Acoustic Wave Modelling
  14. Galerkin-Wavelet Modeling of Wave Propagation: Optimal Finite-Difference Stencil Design
  15. Implementation of the Conjuguate Gradient Algorithm in DSO
  16. Inversion of Crosswell Seismogramms via Differential Semblance Optimization
  17. On Crosswell Traveltime Tomography
  18. Inverting Waveforms in the Presence of Caustics
  19. Anomalous Reflections near a Caustic
  20. An Abstract Analysis of Differential Semblance Optimization
  21. Convex Duality and Separable Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation
  22. Parallelizing a Seismic Inversion Code using PVM
  23. Object-oriented Design for Optimization and Inversion Software: a Proposal

Papers completed after the 1994 TRIP report

  1. Anomalous Reflections Near a Caustic
  2. A Numerical Study of Linear Inversion in Layered Viscoacoustic Media
  3. Stability Analysis of Finite-Difference Schemes for the Viscoelastic Wave Equation

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